• (noun): Becoming stronger.
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Some articles on strengthening:

African Malaria Network Trust - Capacity Strengthening
... The centre is on the capacity development programme having received a strengthening grant ... has become the newest to receive a grant from AMANET for capacity strengthening in preparation for vaccine trials ... has, in parallel, received a grant for ethics committee strengthening ...
Protector Class OPV - Characteristics - Ice Strengthening
... Involved strengthening the bow section, ice belt region, fin stabilisers, propulsion shaftline and the propellers ... Allegations in May 2009 that ice strengthening has added too much extra weight to planned displacement (up now to 1900 tonnes) so the OPV will be at risk in Antarctica because ice belt strengthening ...
Metanoia (rhetoric) - Strengthening
... I still fall short of it through my own fault, and through not observing the admonitions of the gods, and, I may almost say, their direct instructions (Book One) Here Aurelius utilizes metanoia to move from a mild idea ("not observing the admonitions of the gods") to a more intense one ("not observing.. ... their direct instructions") the clause "I may almost say" introduces the metanoia. ...
Strengthening Families
... Strengthening Families is an approach to working with children and families to build "Protective Factors" that can prevent child abuse and child neglect ... Strengthening Families is a project of the Center for the Study of Social Policy ...
Strengthening Mechanisms Of Materials
... These strengthening mechanisms give engineers the ability to tailor the mechanical properties of materials to suit a variety of different applications ... compared to its constituent metals due to solution strengthening ...

More definitions of "strengthening":

  • (adj): Invigorating physically or mentally.
    Synonyms: fortifying
  • (noun): The act of increasing the strength of something.