Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV (Japanese: ストリートファイター IV, Hepburn: sutorīto faitā fō?) is a 2008 fighting game produced by Capcom, which co-developed the game with Dimps. It was the first numbered Street Fighter game released by Capcom since 1999, a hiatus of nine years.

The coin-operated arcade game was released in Japan on July 18, 2008, with North American arcades importing the machines by August. The console versions for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were released in Japan on February 12, 2009, and were sold in North American stores as early as February 16, with a February 18 intended release date. The official European release was on February 20. A Windows version was released on July 2, 2009 in Japan, July 3, 2009 in Europe and July 7, 2009 in the United States. A version for iOS was released on March 10, 2010. By March 31, 2009, Street Fighter IV had sold over 3 million copies worldwide. An updated version, Super Street Fighter IV, was released as a standalone title in April 2010.

Street Fighter IV has sold 3.1 million units by March 2011. Super Street Fighter IV has sold 1.8 million units, in addition to 400,000 of the Arcade Edition, by December 2011. Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition sold an additional 1 million copies by April 2011, and 1.1 million as of December 2011. This adds up to sales of 6.4 million copies in total. Upon its release, the game received universal critical acclaim; receiving universally high scores from many gaming websites and magazines.

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