• (adj): Arranged in a sequence of grades or ranks.
    Example: "Stratified areas of the distribution"
    Synonyms: graded, ranked
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Some articles on stratified:

Stratified Morse Theory
... In mathematics, stratified Morse theory is an analogue to Morse theory for general stratified spaces, originally developed by Mark Goresky and Robert MacPherson ... point of the theory is to consider functions and consider how the stratified space changes as the real number changes ... Morse theory of stratified spaces has uses everywhere from pure mathematics topics such as braid groups and representations to robot motion planning and potential theory ...
Topologically Stratified Space
... branch of mathematics, a topologically stratified space is a space X that has been decomposed into pieces called strata these strata are topological manifolds ... Topologically stratified spaces provide a purely topological setting for the study of singularities analogous to the more differential-geometric theory of Whitney ... They were introduced by René Thom, who showed that every Whitney stratified space was also a topologically stratified space, with the same strata ...
Vestfold Hills - Geography
... what is possibly the largest concentration of meromictic (stratified) lakes in the world ... This region contains 37 permanently stratified water bodies, including six marine basins and seven seasonally isolated marine basins (SIMBs) ... These stratified basins also have great variety ...
Whitney Conditions - See Also
... Whitney stratified space Thom–Mather stratified space Topologically stratified space ...
Stratified Sampling
... In statistics, stratified sampling is a method of sampling from a population ... In computational statistics, stratified sampling is a method of variance reduction when Monte Carlo methods are used to estimate population statistics from a ...

More definitions of "stratified":

  • (adj): (used of society) socially hierarchical.
    Example: "American society is becoming increasingly stratified"
    Synonyms: class-conscious
  • (adj): Deposited or arranged in horizontal layers.
    Example: "Stratified rock"
    Synonyms: bedded