Strategic Reconnaissance

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List Of USAF Strategic Wings Assigned To The Strategic Air Command - Redesignation To AFCON Status - Strategic Wing, Provisional, 72
... the residual resources of the 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing in October 1952, Designated as the 72nd Strategic Reconnaissance Wing at Ramey AFB, PR ... Conducted global strategic reconnaissance, Mar ... Established as the Strategic Wing (Provisional), 72 in late 1972 at Andersen AFB, Guam, with approx ...
List Of USAF Bomb Wings And Wings Assigned To Strategic Air Command - 100th Wings “Peace Through Strength” - 100th Bomb Wing
... Redesignated as 100th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing June 25, 1966 From April 1956 – February 1966, it performed global strategic bombardment training, and ... to Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ, in June 1966 and absorbed resources of the 4080th Strategic Wing ... the next ten years, it performed global strategic reconnaissance with U-2 and drone aircraft, June 1966–1976, using one overseas-based squadron (99th SRS), and deployed operating ...
Larson Air Force Base - History - Tactical Air Command
... as part of ADC closedown at Larson prior to it being assigned to Strategic Air Command (SAC) ... On January 26, 1955, the Strategic Air Command (SAC) 71st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing was activated to perform strategic reconnaissance with B-36 ... bombers, to extend the range of photographic reconnaissance and fighter escort ...

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