Stranded (The Outer Limits) - Plot


Kevin Buchannon is a high school outcast, he is picked on by jocks and ostracized by the other geeks. One day, while out in the woods with his dog Cody, he finds a space ship crash landed and a mysterious stranger inside. The stranger calls himself Captain Turner, and he instructs Kevin on how to bandage him up and heal the wounds he has suffered in his landing. Turner explains to Kevin that he has been flying a top-secret experimental aircraft. He momentarily loses consciousness, revealing his true form—he is really a shape-shifting alien named Tyr\'Nar. Tyr'Nar is an interplanetary bounty hunter who has lost a prisoner he was transporting back to his world. To protect the boy, Tyr'Nar gives him a patch that allows him to fight back against the prisoner if he ever runs near him. The two grow close through the support and understanding the alien gives the boy.

It is ultimately revealed that Tyr'Nar is himself the prisoner, not the bounty hunter. He consumes Kevin's dog, immediately after telling it that it was wise enough to see his true nature. He then eats one of Kevin's friends by luring him inside the spaceship in the guise of an attractive girl from school.

Finally, Kevin's father arrives and confronts the alien, which takes the father's form. The two men fight, and Tyr'Nar is triumphant, although Kevin (seemingly) remains unaware of this.

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