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Computer Data Storage
... Computer data storage, often called storage or memory, is a technology consisting of computer components and recording media used to retain digital data ... In contemporary usage, memory is usually semiconductor storage read-write random-access memory, typically DRAM (Dynamic-RAM) or other forms of fast but temporary storage ... Storage consists of storage devices and their media not directly accessible by the CPU, (secondary or tertiary storage), typically hard disk drives, optical disc drives, and ...
Disk Cryptor - Program Features
... Support for disk devices with large sector size (important for hardware RAID operation) ... Full support for external storage devices ... Full support for encryption of external USB storage devices ...
External Memory Algorithms - Hierarchy of Storage - Secondary Storage
... Secondary storage (also known as external memory or auxiliary storage), differs from primary storage in that it is not directly accessible by the CPU ... The computer usually uses its input/output channels to access secondary storage and transfers the desired data using intermediate area in primary storage ... Secondary storage does not lose the data when the device is powered down—it is non-volatile ...
IBM Parallel Sysplex - Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex
... Data is copied from the primary storage device to a secondary storage device ... In the event of a failure on the primary storage device, the system automatically makes the secondary storage device the primary, usually without disrupting running ... In the event of a failure of a system or storage device, recovery can occur with limited or no data loss automatically ...
Massbus - Logical Implementation
... bus used to access memory-mapped I/O registers in the individual storage devices, and A high-speed, synchronous data bus that was used to carry the actual data transfers ... Multiple devices of different types could transmit data over the shared data path ... Static dual port was also provided to permit failover or manual switching of storage devices to another CPU ...

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