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Stone Cold Steve Austin - Professional Wrestling Career - World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (1995–2002) - Return and Siding With Mr. McMahon (2000–2001)
... Also, in the year 2000, Stone Cold Steve Austin competed in a 6 man Hell in a Cell match at Armageddon for the WWF Championship, against Triple H, the ... In the end, Stone Cold Steve Austin gave The Rock a Stunner and was about to pin him when Triple H came in the way and got a stunner ... After the match, Stone Cold Steve Austin delivered a stunner to Kurt Angle, while he was celebrating his victory ...
List Of Nash Bridges Episodes - Season 5
... Guest Starring Stone Cold Steve Austin as Jake Cage) 6 ... "Curveball" November 5, 1999 (1999-11-05) 506 An embezzler with a twin, along with bumbling Rick Bettina, confound the efforts of Nash and the SIU to ... (Guest Starring Stone Cold Steve Austin as Jake Cage) 9 ... "Crosstalk" November 26, 1999 (1999-11-26) 509 Nash and the SIU discover the Cell Phone Killer's intentions are to kill his doctor ... "Stone Cold" Steve Austin guest stars as "Jake Cage" ...
List Of Celebrity Deathmatch Episodes - Season 1 (May 14, 1998-October 22, 1998)
... Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman Stone Cold Steve Austin and the missing little girl Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis Stone Cold Steve Austin slammed their heads together when they pulled on the missing girl's arms ... Fandemonium I Stone Cold Steve Austin vs ... Vince McMahon Vince McMahon Hit with the Stone Cold Stunner, which breaks his neck ...
History Of WWE - World Wrestling Federation - 1997-2002 - Attitude Era: Ratings Redemption
... regain popularity, they replaced former WWF talent with former WCW talent such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vader (Leon White), Brian Pillman, Mankind (Mick ... During this time, Stone Cold Steve Austin became the face of the WWF and his character began to represent the Attitude Era, most principly from his infamous rivalry with Mr ... able to see great pushes from WWF as it was missing bigger stars such as The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin to injuries ...
Survivor Series (2000) - Background
... Another predominant rivalry heading into the event was between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H ... knew about the attack and had given Rikishi, the keys of the truck to run down Stone Cold Steve Austin at previous year's Survivor Series ... retaliated by costing Kane a WWF Hardcore Championship match against Steve Blackman on the November 6 episode of Raw is War ...

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