STN may refer to:

  • STN, IATA code for London Stansted Airport, England
  • STN, National Rail code for Stonehaven railway station, Scotland
  • STN International (Scientific & Technical Information Network), an information service operated by Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe (FIZ Karlsruhe) and Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
  • Satellite Telecommunications Network, a television and radio channel satellite distribution company (satellite up-link station) in the E.U.
  • Score Television Network
  • Subthalamic nucleus, a subcortical structure in the brain
  • Super-twisted nematic display, a type of liquid crystal display
  • stn = spend the night, a texting slang word

See also:

  • Public switched telephone network (PSTN)

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... STN offers a wide range of Global solutions, including TV consulting services and uplink to more than ten different satellites in C-, Ku- and K-band ... STN has playout facilities in SD and HD formats ... STN customers range from various private television stations to public television corporations as well as radio stations ...
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