Steal may refer to:

  • Theft, the illegal act taking of another person's property without that person's freely-given consent
  • The gaining of a stolen base in baseball
  • Steal (basketball), a situation when a defensive player actively takes possession of the ball from an offensive player
  • Steal (film), a 2002 action film
  • Steal (game show), a Central Television game show
  • Steal (poker), a type of a bluff

Other articles related to "steal":

Coronary Steal
... Coronary steal (with its symptoms termed cardiac steal syndrome) is a phenomenon where an alteration of circulation patterns lead to a reduction in the blood directed to the coronary circulation ...
Coronary Steal - Causative Agents
... success, but a therapeutic failure because of the coronary steal phenomenon ... Coronary steal is also the mechanism in most drug-based cardiac stress tests When a patient is incapable of doing physical activity they are given a vasodilator that produces a "cardiac steal syndrome" as ...
Steal Princess - Development
... which Atlus would be releasing in North America, including the announcement of Steal Princess ... Steal Princess was officially announced on January 15, 2009 with a release date scheduled for March 24, 2009 ... Three of Atlus's game's releases were rescheduled in February 2009, including Steal Princess whose new release date was for April 21, 2009 ...
Steal Princess
... Steal Princess, known in Japan as Steal Princess ~Touzoku Oujo~ (スティールプリンセス~盗賊皇女~?), is a puzzle-based platform game developed by Climax Entertainment ...

Famous quotes containing the word steal:

    And when we get too far apart in wealth,
    ‘Twas his idea that for the public health,
    So that the poor won’t have to steal by stealth,
    We now and then should take an equalizer.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    Of all crimes the worst
    Is to steal the glory
    From the great and brave,
    Even more accursed
    Than to rob the grave.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    Those who steal have guilty hearts.
    Chinese proverb.