Statehood Day (Slovenia)

Statehood Day (Slovenia)

Statehood Day (Slovene: Dan državnosti) is a holiday that occurs on every 25 June in Slovenia to commemorate the country's declaration of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Although the formal declaration of independence did not come until 26 June 1991, Statehood Day is considered to be June 25 since that was the date on which the initial acts regarding independence were passed and Slovenia became independent. Slovenia's declaration jumpstarted the Ten-Day War, which it eventually won, with its former overseer Yugoslavia.

Statehood Day is not to be confused with Slovenia's Independence and Unity Day, which is celebrated each year on December 26 in honour of the 26 December 1990 official proclamation of the results of the plebiscite in which 88.5% of all Slovenian voters were in favor of Slovenia becoming a sovereign nation.

Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia at the same time, and also celebrates its Statehood Day on June 25. However, Croatia celebrates Independence Day on a different day, October 8.

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