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Clarence H. Johnston, Sr. - As State Architect
... On May 22, 1901, the Minnesota State Board of Control, a body responsible for the construction and operation of all state-funded institutions, appointed ... He continued as the state architect until 1931, when the State Division of Construction was dissolved ... time, he also continued his private practice, since state business was at the whims of the Minnesota Legislature issuing building projects at certain times ...
L. A. Pittenger - Indiana State Normal School
... From 1905 to 1907 he was a professor at the Indiana Normal School, which later became Ball State University ... Muncie, in a rescue attempt of the failing Indiana Normal School ... Once the Indiana Normal School went under, Pittenger returned to Indiana University for advanced schooling ...
State Normal School (Athens, Georgia)
... The State Normal School was a teaching college located in Athens, Georgia, United States, founded in 1891, whose function was later incorporated into the ... control of training for teachers in the state ... The normal school was taken over by the University of Georgia and became known as Coordinate College ...
History Of The University Of California, Los Angeles - The Beginning of The University - The State Normal School (1881-1919)
... by Los Angeles residents, the California State Legislature authorized the creation of a southern branch of the California State Normal School in downtown Los Angeles to train ... The State Normal School at Los Angeles opened on August 29, 1882, on what is now the site of the Central Library of the Los Angeles Public Library system ... The new facility included an elementary school where teachers-in-training could practice their teaching technique on real children ...

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