State Capitalist

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Criticisms Of Communist Party Rule - Left-wing Criticism - By Anti-revisionists
... Maoists) criticise the rule of the communist states by claiming that they were state capitalist states ruled by revisionists ... Maoists believe that the People's Republic of China became state capitalist after Mao Zedong's death ... Hoxhaists believe that the Peoples Republic of China was always state capitalist and uphold Socialist Albania as the only socialist state after the Soviet Union under Stalin ...
Capitalist Mode Of Production - Criticism of The State-capitalist Interpretation
... The "state cap" interpretation of the capitalist mode of production, however, has been held only by a minority of socialists ... Its Marxist and socialist critics argue that For the Western and Oriental bourgeoisie or capitalist class, capitalism is fundamentally about private enterprise based on private property and freedom for ... Why can there not be many different kinds of socialism? "State-cap" interpretations cannot in truth be reconciled with Marx's own texts ...

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    ... in a capitalist society a man is expected to be an aggressive, uncompromising, factual, lusty, intelligent provider of goods, and the woman, a retiring, gracious, emotional, intuitive, attractive consumer of goods.
    Toni Cade (b. 1939)

    It is said that he once had a sore toe that so annoyed him that he went to the woodpile and chopped it off with an axe, quoting the Scripture, ‘If thy foot offend thee, cut it off.’
    —For the State of Rhode Island, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)