Starfleet is a fictional organization in the television and film franchise Star Trek. Within this fictional universe it is a deep-space exploratory, peacekeeping and military service maintained by the United Federation of Planets ("the Federation"). It is the principal means by which the Federation conducts its exploration, defense, diplomacy and research. While the majority of its members are human and it is headquartered on Earth, Starfleet is composed of hundreds of species (which includes the majority of the shows' protagonists).

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Star Trek Species - A
... is unrevealed, it is revealed in the episode "Whom Gods Destroy" that Starfleet Captain Garth of Izar achieved a great victory on behalf of the Federation, and his strategies became required reading at Starfleet ...
Different Species in Starfleet
... Humans are the most often seen crewmembers onscreen, Starfleet is shown to be composed of individuals from over 150 races, with Vulcans perhaps being the most common aliens seen ... Star Trek The Next Generation saw the introduction of Starfleet's first Klingon officer, and other races such as Bolians, Betazoids, and Trill were seen and given more central roles in later series ... episodes show that Earth citizenship was not a necessary pre-condition to joining Starfleet ...