Some articles on stamping:

Stamping (metalworking) - Simulation
... Stamping simulation is a technology that calculates the process of sheet metal stamping, predicting common defects such as splits, wrinkles, springback and ... Stamping simulation is used when a sheet metal part designer or toolmaker desires to assess the likelihood of successfully manufacturing a sheet metal part, without the expense of making a physical tool ... Stamping simulation allows any sheet metal part forming process to be simulated in the virtual environment of a PC for a fraction of the expense of a physical tryout ...
ISO/IEC 18014 - Part 3: Mechanisms Producing Linked Tokens
... This part of ISO/IEC 18014 Describes a general model for time-stamping services producing linked tokens ... Describes the basic components used to construct a time-stamping service of this type ... Defines the data structures used to interact with a time-stamping service of this type ...
Stamping Ground (dance Festival) - History and Ethos
... The Stamping Ground Dance Festival was founded by Peter Stock, a former theatre television dancer, theatrical director and producer as well as a dance teacher ... Stock described the 1997 Stamping Ground as "a gathering for all men and youths illuminating the athletic and creative qualities of the movement arts.. ... which inhibit the personal development of men." For the first several years the Stamping Ground event ran for periods of 10, 14 and 16 days and was attended ...
Leather Crafting - Techniques - Stamping
... Leather stamping involves the use of shaped implements (stamps) to create an imprint onto a leather surface, often by striking the stamps with a mallet ... Most stamping is performed on vegetable tanned leather that has been dampened with water, as the water makes the leather softer and able to be compressed by the design being pressed or stamped into it ...
Stamp Mill - Other Stamping Mills
... A stamping mill may refer to a factory that performs stamping. ...

Famous quotes containing the word stamping:

    I say, stamping the words with emphasis,
    Drink from here energy and only energy,
    Stephen Spender (1909–1995)

    Love works in a circle, for the beloved moves the lover by stamping a likeness, and the lover then goes out to hold the beloved in reality. Who first was the beginning now becomes the end of motion.
    Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225–1274)

    If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.
    George Orwell (1903–1950)