Stad may refer to

  • the word for city used in Swedish, Danish and Dutch, and related to German Stadt, and Grad in Russian. See Stad (Sweden)
  • the Stad (peninsula), the westernmost point in Norway
  • The Irish word meaning stop
  • Student Team Achievement Division, a cooperative learning classroom technique

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Market Towns Of Sør-Trøndelag And Nord-Trøndelag Counties - Representatives
3 Representative 4 Representative 1921 ... Klingenberg, H Støstad, A Lykke, H Bang, FV Løhre, A 1924 Lykke, H Darre-Jenssen, H Støstad, A Aarseth, A Bang, FV 1927 Lykke, H Støstad, A Darre-Jenssen, H Aarseth, A Løh ...
Stad Doetinchem
... Stad Doetinchem is a former municipality in the Dutch province of Gelderland ... Stad Doetinchem existed until 1920, when it merged with Ambt Doetinchem to form a single municipality Doetinchem ...
stad Riots
... The Båstad riots (Swedish Båstadskravallerna), is the name given to the riots, that took place during a Davis Cup tennis match between Sweden and Rhodesia on May 3, 1968 in Båstad, Sweden ...
Ciudad - Distinction Between Cities and Towns - Sweden
... Sweden canceled the official legal term City (in Swedish stad) in the year 1971 ... Before that there were a number of terms like "stad"/Town, "köping"/large village etc ... The definition of City/Town (stad) was merely that it was given such a title ...