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Practical Expression-Stack Machines - Performance Disadvantages of Stack Machines - Hides A Faster Register Machine Inside
... Some simple stack machines have a chip design which is fully customized all the way down to the level of individual registers ... The top of stack address register and the N top of stack data buffers are built from separate individual register circuits, with separate adders and ad hoc connections ... However, most stack machines are built from larger circuit components where the N data buffers are stored together within a register file and share read/write buses ...
Practical Expression-Stack Machines - Hybrid Machines
... Pure stack machines are quite inefficient for procedures which access multiple fields from the same object ... The stack machine code must reload the object pointer for each pointer+offset calculation ... A common fix for this is to add some register-machine features to the stack machine a visible register file dedicated to holding addresses, and register-style instructions ...
Stack Machine - Computers Using Call Stacks and Stack Frames
... set style) and most compilers use a large call-return stack in memory to organize the short-lived local variables and return links for all currently active ... Each nested call creates a new stack frame in memory, which persists until that call completes ... This call-return stack may be entirely managed by the hardware via specialized address registers and special address modes in the instructions ...
Practical Expression-Stack Machines - Advantages of Stack Machine Instruction Sets - Simple Compilers
... Compilers for stack machines are simpler and quicker to build than compilers for other machines ... given an expression x+y*z+u, the corresponding compiled code for a simple stack machine would take the form push x push y push z multiply add push u add Note that the arithmetic operations 'multiply' and 'add ... The compiler and the machine need not deal separately with corner cases ...
Weight Machine - Stack Machines
... A stack machine—also called a stack or rack—has a set of massive rectangular plates that are pierced by a vertical bar which has holes drilled in it to accept a pin ... This allows the same machine to provide several levels of resistance over the same range of motion with an adjustment that requires very little force to ... Some machines have a roller at the top of the bar that sits on a lever ...

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