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Rowena Joy

Genre Drama, Comedy
Air-date August 20 to September 10, 2009
Synopsis RJ was thrown out by his family when his iron-fisted father and homophobic brother learned that he is gay. RJ then becomes friends with two openly gay men. The two help RJ cope with his situation, and will assist him to go to Japan to find a steady job. Upon his return to the Philippines, a more confident RJ undergoes a total sexual transformation and changes his name to Rowena Joy. An encounter with Gino, her former best friend and secret crush, then makes her think she has completed her dream. Sparks fly and the two soon deeply fall in love with each other. Rowena Joy, however, still dreads the moment when she will have to tell Gino the truth. Fears of abandonment push her, however, to keep the secret hidden. She also fears how his family will react to the transformation. She misses them but will her revelation lead to another rejection? Will she finally be accepted after "coming out"? Will her dream relationship with Gino have a happy ending?
Director Soxie Topacio
Writer(s) Jun Lana
Cast Iza Calzado as Rowena Joy/RJ
Paolo Ballesteros as RJ
TJ Trinidad as Gino
Rez Cortez as RJ/Rowena Joy's father
John Apacible as Gino's brother
Joey Paras as Jessi
Bebe Gandanghari as Frannie
Renz Valerio as JR
Prince Stefan as Christian
Lawrence Gutierrez as Paolo
Sherrie as Mina
Sharmaine Centenera as RJ/Rowena Joy's mother

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