Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyatmika Peetham - Peethadhipathis - Umar Alisha

Umar Alisha

Dr Umar Alisa II assumed charge as 9th peethadhipathi in 1989 and was still in post as of 2011. He lays more stress on spiritual realisation rather than on physical forms. Along with spiritual pursuit he is also undertaking various educational, Social, Ethical activities. Among them the most important one is the Umar Alisha Akshara Jyothi. He says that Ignorance is the root cause of superstition and illiteracy is the root cause of Ignorance. So the Peetham has taken up the Umar Alisha Akshara Jyothi Programme with all seriousness and turned thousands of illiterates to literates.

Every year during the months of Viasakha and Karthika Umar Alisha toured villages propagating dharma, National Integration and World Peace.

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