SPU can stand for:

  • Seattle Public Utilities
  • Socialist Party of Ukraine
  • Split Airport, IATA airport code
  • Staplehurst railway station has National Rail code SPU
  • Suomen Pyöräilyunioni, the Finnish governing body of cycling

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Cell Software Development - Software Portability - Adapting VMX For SPU - Porting VMX Code For SPU
... potentially be adapted and recompiled to run on the SPU ... The most important workloads for the SPU generally map quite well ... For example, if saturation behavior is required on the SPU, it can be coded by adding additional SPU instructions to accomplish this (with some loss of efficiency) ...
SPU - Wildfires
... Structural Protection Units, SPUs, are mobile sprinkler systems designed to protect structures from Wildfire ...
... The company pioneered the concept of a Storage Processing Unit (SPU), a device that accelerates hard drive intensive processing tasks, provides data protection ... The company's flagship product, the Revolution SPU, was offered in two configurations the NC3000 chip and the more powerful NC5000 chip ... storage processing cards based on Netcell's Revolution SPU ...
Student Peace Union
... Student Peace Union (SPU) was a nationwide student organization active on college campuses in the United States from 1959 to 1964 ... The SPU was founded by Ken Calkins, who had gained notoriety when his pelvis was fractured when he ran in front a truck during a pacifist demonstration against nuclear ... The SPU organized a number of protests and vigils at the White House ...
... Spuž (Montenegrin/Serbian Cyrillic Спуж) is a small town within the Municipality of Danilovgrad, Montenegro ... It is known as a location of Spuž correctional facility (Montenegrin/Serbian Zavod za izdržavanje kaznenih sankcija Spuž - ZIKS Spuž), the largest facility of that kind in Montenegro Wikimedia ...