Sprinter (Victorian Train) - Service


Sprinter services started in with 7001’s ("Sir Hubert Opperman") introduction in December 1993 and were progressively rolled out across the network, operating to interurban destinations such as Warragul and Kyneton, along with outer suburban destinations like Craigieburn and Sunbury.

Sprinters were the first Victorian passenger trains to run at 130 km/h, and enabled acceleration of some services by up to 15 minutes. Furthermore, their relatively low operating costs allowed for an increase in service frequency on the Ballarat and Bendigo lines. These improved services contributed to an increase in V/line patronage from 6,516,000 passenger journeys in 1993-94 to 7,016,000 in 1995-96.

In addition, they performed some longer trips to destinations such as Albury and Echuca, although this was not specially catered for in their designs and thus lead to some concerns over amenities – locomotive hauled N sets, currently used for Albury services, are fitted with buffets.

Due to the introduction of VLocity stock Sprinters have been returned to short-haul duties. They are particularly rostered for low-patronage services, freeing up VLocity units for service elsewhere.

Sprinters are used on lines including:

  • the North-East line, to Seymour
  • the Gippsland line, to Traralgon
  • the Bendigo line, to Kyneton
  • the Geelong line, to Geelong, South Geelong and Marshall
  • the Ararat line, to Bacchus Marsh and Melton
  • the Stony Point line (leased and operated by Metro Trains Melbourne), between Frankston and Stony Point

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