Spin - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Spinning (drywall/texture), floating out a wall to a smooth even layer to allow for wallpaper
  • Spinning (IPO), a form of financial bribery used by brokerages to gain corporate business
  • Spinning (textiles), the creation of yarn or thread by twisting fibers together
  • Spin (public relations), a heavily biased portrayal of an event or situation
  • Spin (b-boy move), a b-boying move that involves rotation of the breaker's body about some axis in contact with the ground
  • Spins, a state of dizziness and disorientation due to intoxication ("the spins")
  • Sufi spinning, a twirling meditation (a religious practice in which worshippers spin in circles)
  • Pen spinning, the art of spinning pens using one's fingers
  • Road agent's spin or "Curly Bill spin", a gunfighting maneuver utilized as a ruse when forced to surrender a side arm to an unfriendly party

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