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Solar Car - Speed Record
... Guinness World Records recognize a land speed record for vehicles powered only by solar panels ... This record is currently held by the University of New South Wales with the car Sunswift IV ... The record of 88.8 km/h (55.2 mph) was set on 7 January 2011 at the naval air base HMAS Albatross in Nowra, breaking the record previously held by the General Motors car Sunraycer of 78.3 kilometres per hour (48.7 ...
Scott Williamson (hiker) - Hiking Accomplishments
... In 2008, Williamson and Joe Kisner broke the unsupported speed record of the PCT, breaking Kisner's previous record-of 79 days, 21 hours and 42 minutes by over 8 days ... The new record they set was 71 days, 2 hours and 41 minutes ... Williamson and Adam Bradley broke simultaneously two PCT speed records for both the unsupported effort and the supported (assisted by a support crew for supplies, food and shelter) speed record of ultramarathon runner ...
Lowell Bayles - Speed Record and Death
... Bayles had failed to break the official 3 km World Landplane Speed Record at the 1931 National Air Races ... in preparation for an attempt at establishing another world speed record at Wayne County Airport in Detroit, Michigan ... On December 1, 1931 Lowell Bayles attempted the speed record again and made four passes at an average of 281.75 miles per hour (453 km/h), but did not surpass the old record by the ...
List Of Bluebird Record-breaking Vehicles - Cars - Donald Wales
... Campbell, has contested the world electric powered land speed record ... Steam Car which will be attempting to break the steam-powered land speed record ... the driver for Project Runningblade, an attempt to break the world land speed record for a lawnmower ...
Scramjet Programs - Programs - Hyper-X
... After it separated from its mother craft and booster, it briefly achieved a speed of 5,000 miles per hour (8,000 km/h), the equivalent of Mach 7, easily breaking the previous speed ... The Guinness Book of Records certified the X-43A's flight as the current Aircraft Speed Record holder on 30 August 2004 ... The third X-43 flight set a new speed record of 6,600 mph (10,620 km/h), nearly Mach 10 on 16 November 2004 ...

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