Spector is an American based company that manufactures bass guitars, founded in 1974 by self-taught luthier Stuart Spector. Spector's first few instruments were essentially crude experiments in instrument design and craftsmanship. Over the next few years, the design and manufacturing process was refined and in 1977, with the help of furniture designer Ned Steinberger, the company developed its most popular design, the NS.

With the success of the NS, the company grew rapidly and was eventually sold to Kramer Musical Instruments. Kramer produced bass guitars for five years under the Spector name until they were forced to file bankruptcy. After Kramer's failure, Stuart Spector was still building instruments under the name "Stuart Spector Designs" (SSD). He regained the rights to the Spector trademark in court in 1998.

Spector has recently introduced the ARC6 guitar series. The ARC6 guitars come in many different designs and colors including Black Cherry, Black and Blue, Green Stain, and many more designs.

Currently, Spector produces their higher-end instruments in their Woodstock, New York shop, with less-expensive versions of the classic Spector instruments produced in Korea, China, the United States and Hořovice, in Czech Republic.

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