Specialty or speciality may refer to:

  • Deed, a contract in law
  • Index of speciality, a geometrical invariant
  • Speciality (album), an album by J-Pop singer Nami Tamaki
  • Specialty (medicine), a field within medicine
  • Specialty (dentistry), a field within dentistry
  • Specialty Records, a record label
  • Specialty show, a dog show of a single breed

Other articles related to "specialty":

Mother's Cookies - History
... The company was sold to Artal NV, a Belgian company, then bought by Specialty Foods Corp ... The company was sold to Specialty Foods in 1998, reportedly for $100 million ... The transaction made Specialty Foods the third largest cookie maker in the United States after Keebler and Nabisco ...
List Of Medabots And Types - Kilobots
... Among the Kilobots are Ambiguous 2 Type Jewel Beetle Medafighter Suzy Specialty Rapid Fire Attack Blakbeetle Type Hercules Beetle Medafighter Kam Specialty Swift Fire Attack Other Info ... Brownbison Type Bison Specialty Power Charge Cutter Type Sword Medafighter Kam Specialty Whole Cutter Attack Desperado Type Hammer Medafighter Ginkai Specialty Full Body Blasters Exor Type Saber-Tooth ... Flyfalcon Type ??? Specialty ??? Fotoshoot Type Camera Medafighter Kam and Masuizumi Specialty ???? Frontline Type Soldier Medafighter Kam Specialty ???? Gryphon Type Super Devil ...
Legal Aid Ontario - Clinics - Specialty Clinics
... Specialty clinics provide low-income individuals with assistance in a specific area of law not normally covered by the general community legal clinics ... clinics focus on issues such as minority and specialty language group rights children, youth and elderly assistance individuals with disabilities (including injured workers) HIV AIDS ... Specialty clinics also provide legal assistance to, and consult with, private bar lawyers, MPPs and community agencies ...

Famous quotes containing the word specialty:

    Women’s battle for financial equality has barely been joined, much less won. Society still traditionally assigns to woman the role of money-handler rather than money-maker, and our assigned specialty is far more likely to be home economics than financial economics.
    Paula Nelson (b. 1945)

    ... to a specialist his specialty is the whole of everything and if his specialty is in good order and it generally is then everything must be succeeding.
    Gertrude Stein (1874–1946)