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Testimony Of Evil (Dead Men Don't Laugh) - Special Guest Star
... Tonight's Special Guest Star is William Conrad ... As the opening credits roll, Conrad meets a fate similar to special guest star Lorne Greene's in the first episode of the series he is thrown from a moving car with knife protruding from his chest ...
Inclusion Compound
... In host-guest chemistry an inclusion compound is a complex in which one chemical compound (the "host") forms a cavity in which molecules of a second ... molecules in a crystal lattice in which guest molecules can fit ... host lattice are enclosed on all sides so that the guest species is ‘trapped’ as in a cage, the compound is known as a clathrate ...
List Of Mork & Mindy Episodes - Episodes - Season 4 (1981/82)
... Special Guest Star Shelley Fabares as Cathy 76 "The Honeymoon (3)" October 22, 1981 Mork and Mindy take their honeymoon on Ork, but Mindy becomes a tourist ... Special Guest Stars Tom Poston as Mr ... Special Guest Star Paul Reubens as Dickie Nimitz ...
List Of Captain Planet Episodes - The New Adventures of Captain Planet - Season Five (1994–1995)
... Special Guest Star Rita Moreno 92 "Horns A' Plenty" November 5, 1994 The Planeteers split up to stop 2 plots involving rhinoceros horns Looten Plunder and Argos Bleak distributing them and the Slaughter ... Special Guest Star Tristan Rogers as Caucasian Patrol Member 93 "A River Ran Through It" November 12, 1994 Hoggish Greedly starts a war between workers in a town ... Special Guest Star David Ackroyd and Ken Howard 94 "No Place Like Home" November 19, 1994 Dr ...
List Of Meet The Browns Episodes - Season 4: 2010
... Special Guest Star Bill Bellamy as Anthony 90 "Meet the Other side" July 28, 2010 Brown refers Derek to the hospital as his assistant but Derek holds back so Brown can keep his job ... shocked to see another side of Reggie 91 "Meet the House Guest" August 4, 2010 Thelma stays at the Browns' while Reggie is out of town, and she and Cora clash ... Special Guest Star Pat Gina Neely as Themselves and Kim Fields as Kim (Director) 94 "Meet the Bird Brains" August 11, 2010 Brown tries to find the neighbors' lost pet to claim the reward 95 "Meet the White Lie ...

Famous quotes containing the words star, special and/or guest:

    For a painter, the Mecca of the world, for study, for inspiration and for living is here on this star called Paris. Just look at it, no wonder so many artists have come here and called it home. Brother, if you can’t paint in Paris, you’d better give up and marry the boss’s daughter.
    Alan Jay Lerner (1918–1986)

    If there is a special Hell for writers it would be in the forced contemplation of their own works, with all the misconceptions, the omissions, the failures that any finished work of art implies.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)

    Entertaining angels unawares: It is always we who are to entertain the angels, and never they us. I cannot, however, think that an angel would be a very entertaining person, either as guest or host.
    Samuel Butler (1835–1902)