Space Barnacles

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List Of Robots In Transformers Animated - Other Beings - Aliens
... Space Barnacles Alien creatures that latch on machines and feed on energy ... Sari investigate a Cybertronian energy signature, they encountered a mutated version of the Space Barnacles, later revealed to have taken control of the remnants of Megatron's body (which the barnacles had ... Notable victims of the Space Barnacles include Prowl, Bumblebee, and Megatron ...
Megatron - Transformers Animated - Animated Series
... Megatron's lifeless body crashed on Earth, contracting "space barnacles," while his disembodied head was found in rural Michigan by a young Isaac Sumdac ... In "Nature Calls", space barnacles wreaked havoc in a mining area outside Detroit, assimilating with a construction vehicle and becoming a techno-organic monster ... It was revealed that the space barnacles had latched on Megatron's body, which crashed in the vicinity 50 years ago ...

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