Southern Cross Cable

The Southern Cross Cable, operated by Bermuda company Southern Cross Cables Limited, is a trans-Pacific network of telecommunications cables commissioned in 2000.

The network has 28,900 km of submarine and 1,600 km of terrestrial fiber optic cables, operated in a triple-ring configuration. Initially, each cable had a bandwidth capacity of 120 gigabit/s, but was doubled in an upgrade in April 2008, with a further upgrade to 860 gigabit/s at the end of 2008. Southern Cross upgraded the existing system to 1.2 Tbit/s in May 2010. After successful trials of 40G technology the first 400G of a planned 800G upgrade has been completed in February 2012, with the remaining 400G scheduled to be completed by December 2012. The initial 400G upgrade utilises Ciena 40G coherent technology, with the remaining 400G planned to utilised 100G coherent wavelength technology, taking total system capacity to 2Tbit/s by year end 2012.

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Southern Cross Cable - Construction and Ownership
... Construction of the cable began in July 1999, laid by the ship CS Vercors, and the system was in use by customers by November 2000 ... In August 2007, SC Cables contracted with Alcatel-Lucent to upgrade the cable to 660 Gbit/s by the end of the first quarter 2008 and to 860 Gbit/s by the ...

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