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List Of Doctor Who Music Releases - Soundtrack Music
... There have been several LP and CD releases of music and sound effects over the years from the BBC television series Doctor Who by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, freelance composers, and stock music Title. 19 - Doctor Who Sound Effects BBC Radiophonic Workshop BBC Records LP/Cassette 1978 In mono, with sound effects from the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker eras of Doctor Who ... BBC Sound Effects No ...
List Of 1997 This American Life Episodes
... Don't worry — it's not as gross as it sounds ... Includes a new radio play by David Sedaris, in which we give him one sound effects record and this assignment His radio play can only use sound effects from this record, and it ...
List Of Games On I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue - Cow, Lake, Bomb
... A variation of Rock, Paper, Scissors, using sound effects ... Each team must select a sound effect (from a moo, a splash, and an explosion) ... The game was abandoned when the teams played their sound effects, and Humph failed to distinguish which team played which, and soon degenerated into ...
Marcus Shirock
... He also provided the voice and sound effects for Monster-Ock in the Spider-Man video game in 2000 and the sound effects for the symbiots ... He also provided the sound effects for Ultimate Carnage in the Ultimate Spider-Man (video game) ...
Scottie Ferguson - Restoration
... and newly created audio, utilizing modern sound effects mixed in DTS digital surround sound ... When restoring the sound, Harris and Katz wanted to stay as close as possible to the original, and had access to the original music recordings that had been stored in the vaults at Paramount ... demanded a new 6-channel DTS stereo soundtrack, it was necessary to re-record some sound effects using the foley process ...

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    Virtues are not emotions. Emotions are movements of appetite, virtues dispositions of appetite towards movement. Moreover emotions can be good or bad, reasonable or unreasonable; whereas virtues dispose us only to good. Emotions arise in the appetite and are brought into conformity with reason; virtues are effects of reason achieving themselves in reasonable movements of the appetites. Balanced emotions are virtue’s effect, not its substance.
    Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225–1274)

    The old coat that I wear is Concord; it is my morning robe and study gown, my working dress and suit of ceremony, and my nightgown after all. Cleave to the simplest ever. Home,—home,—home. Cars sound like cares to me.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)