Sorted may refer to:

  • Sorted (TV series), a BBC television series
  • "Sorted for E's & Wizz", a 1995 Pulp song
  • Sorted (The Drones album), 1999
  • Sorted (DJ? Acucrack album)
  • Sorted (film), a 2000 British thriller film

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List Of Airports In Somaliland
... List of airports in Somaliland, sorted by location ... For a list sorted by airport name, see CategoryAirports in Somaliland For a list sorted by ICAO code, see List of airports by ICAO code HC LOCATION ICAO IATA AIRPORT NAME Civil ...
Strand Sort
... It works by repeatedly pulling sorted sublists out of the list to be sorted and merging them with a result array ... Each iteration through the unsorted list pulls out a series of elements which were already sorted, and merges those series together ... The name of the algorithm comes from the "strands" of sorted data within the unsorted list which are removed one at a time ...
Applications of Sorted Arrays
... Keeping the data in a sorted format allows for quick and easy recovery of data. 2) In discrete mathematics Sorted arrays can be used to implement Dijkstra's algorithm or Prim's algorithm ... to CPU according to the highest priority by using sorted array of process ID's ...
Air Classifier
... It works by injecting the material stream to be sorted into a chamber which contains a column of rising air ... the force of gravity and lifts the material to be sorted up into the air ... drag on object size and shape, the objects in the moving air column are sorted vertically and can be separated in this manner ...
Strand Sort - Example
... Unsorted list Sublist Sorted list 5 ... Parse the unsorted list once, taking out any ascending (sorted) numbers ... The (sorted) sublist is, for the first iteration, pushed onto the empty sorted list ... Parse the unsorted list again, again taking out relatively sorted numbers ...

Famous quotes containing the word sorted:

    Your apple face, the simple crèche
    Of your arms, the August smells
    Of your skin. Then I sorted your clothes
    And the loves you had left, Elizabeth,
    Elizabeth, until you were gone.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    It hurts the spirit, somehow, to read the word environments, when the plural means that there are so many alternatives there to be sorted through, as in a market, and voted on.
    Lewis Thomas (b. 1913)