Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F717 - Special Features

Special Features

  • The camera uses a swivel body, good for complicated situations. It can be rotated in 36 degrees angled down (for overhead shooting) or 77 degrees angled upwards.
  • The DSC-F717 uses the relatively rare "Hologram AF Assist" which helps the contrast detect AF system to lock AF in low light.
  • It also features NightShot and NightFraming which removes the infrared cut-off filter from the CCD thus making the camera "able to see in the dark" and enabling two infrared LEDs illuminating the scene at short range. Aperture and similar settings are forced to auto and are limited (this might be due to the fact, that it was possible to photograph through thin clothing with an additional IR passing filter). Because of the limitations it's giving the opportunity to be used in IR photography only partly.

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