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Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster - Components - Hold-down Posts
... Each solid rocket booster has four hold-down posts that fit into corresponding support posts on the mobile launcher platform ... The top nut contains two NASA standard detonators (NSDs), which are ignited at solid rocket motor ignition commands ... The solid rocket motor ignition commands are issued by the orbiter's computers through the master events controllers to the hold-down pyrotechnic initiator controllers (PICs) on the mobile ...
Solid Rocket Booster
... Solid rocket boosters (SRB) or Solid Rocket Motors, SRM, are used to provide thrust in spacecraft launches from the launchpad up to burnout of the SRBs ... The propellant for each solid rocket motor on the Space Shuttle weighed approximately 000 ... kg ... Compared to liquid-fuel rockets, the solid-fuel SRBs are advantageous for the purpose of boosting launches because they provide greater thrust and do not have ...
Gene Porter Bridwell
... elements, including the Space Shuttle Main Engine, External Tank, Redesigned Solid Rocket Motor, Solid Rocket Booster, Advanced Solid Rocket Motor, and related systems ...
Seconds From Disaster - Episodes - Season 3 (2006-2007)
... mechanism and altered weapon-arming procedures cause the accidental firing of a Zuni rocket ... The rocket strikes another armed and fuelled aircraft, starting a fire that detonates various munitions ... Freezing weather leads to the O-rings in one of the field joints in a solid rocket booster to leak hot gases that impinge on its mount on the external tank ...
... and to reduce operational costs, the anti-ship version is developed from the solid rocket powered CJ-1 ASW weapon, instead of the original turbojet powered Russian version ... half a ton Cruising altitude ≈ 20 meter Propulsion solid rocket Guidance radar, imaging infrared, and TV The advantage of having CJ-1 AShM is that while having similar range in comparison to C-801 that is ... powered C-802, and additionally, the solid rocket powered CJ-1 has another great advantage in that it is much easier and cheaper to maintain ...

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    Along a parabola life like a rocket flies,
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    We have the pleasures suitable to our lot; let us not usurp those of greatness. Ours are more natural and all the more solid and sure for being humbler. Since we will not do so out of conscience, at least out of ambition let us reject ambition.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)