Solar Masses

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Schönberg–Chandrasekhar Limit
... If the star's mass is less than approximately 1.5 solar masses, the core will become degenerate before the Schönberg–Chandrasekhar limit is reached, and, on the other hand, if the mass ... In the remaining case, where the mass is between 1.5 and 6 solar masses, the core will grow until the limit is reached, at which point it will contract rapidly until helium ...
Gullstrand–Painlevé Coordinates - Speeds of Light
... The result is The light travel time for a stellar black hole with a typical size of 3 solar masses is about 11 microseconds ... hole residing at the center of the Milky Way, with mass of 3.7 million solar masses, the light travel time is about 14 seconds ... It has a mass of approximately 3 billion solar masses ...
Antlia Dwarf - Properties
... The stellar mass of Antlia Dwarf is estimated to be about 2–4×106 solar masses, while its total mass (within the visible radius) is approximately 4 × 107 solar masses ... among dwarf spheroidal galaxies in that it contains large amounts (as much as 7 ×105 solar masses) of neutral atomic hydrogen ...
M-sigma Relation - Importance
... was discovered in 2000, a large discrepancy existed between black hole masses derived using three techniques ... or gas near the black hole seemed to give masses that averaged ~1% of the bulge mass (the Magorrian relation) ... this discrepancy by showing that most of the direct black hole masses published prior to 2000 were significantly in error, presumably because the data ...
Type II Supernova - Core Collapse
... exceeds the Chandrasekhar limit of about 1.4 solar masses, degeneracy pressure can no longer support it, and catastrophic collapse ensues ... When the progenitor star is below about 20 solar masses – depending on the strength of the explosion and the amount of material that falls back – the degenerate remnant of a core collapse is a neutron star ... limiting mass for this type of core collapse scenario is about 40–50 solar masses ...

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