Soga Clan

The Soga clan (蘇我氏, Soga uji?) was one of the most powerful clans in Yamato Japan and played a major role in the spread of Buddhism. For many generations, in the 5th and 7th centuries, the Soga monopolized the position of Great Royal Chieftain (Ō-omi) and was the first of many families to dominate the Imperial House of Japan by influencing the order of succession and government policy. In fact, the last Soga predates any historical work in Japan, and very little is known about the earliest members.

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Soga Clan - Political Assertiveness and Reactions
... However, by 644, the heads of the Soga clan were no longer satisfied to act behind the scenes ... Soga no Emishi and his son Iruka began to build more and more elaborate palaces and tombs for themselves, styling themselves sovereigns ... But the leader of the Nakatomi clan, Nakatomi no Kamatari, conspired with Soga no Kurayamada no Ishikawa no Maro and Prince Naka no Ōe, and arranged for Iruka's ...
Empress Suiko - Traditional Narrative - Events of Suiko's Life
... Upon Yōmei's death, another power struggle arose between the Soga clan and the Mononobe clan, with the Sogas supporting Prince Hatsusebe and the Mononobes supporting Prince Anahobe ... The Sogas prevailed once again and Prince Hatsusebe acceded to the throne as Emperor Sushun in 587 ... However, Sushun began to resent the power of Soga no Umako, the head of the Soga clan, and Umako, perhaps out of fear that Sushun might strike first, had him assassinated by Yamatoaya no Ataikoma (東漢直駒?) in ...
Soga No Umako
... Ishibutai Kofun is believed to be the tomb of Soga no Umako ... Soga no Umako (蘇我 馬子?, 551? - June 19, 626) was the son of Soga no Iname and a member of the powerful Soga clan of Japan ... rules of Emperor Bidatsu and Empress Suiko and established the Soga clan's stronghold in the government by having his daughter married with members of the royal family ...

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