Soga may refer to:

  • Busoga, Basoga or Lusoga, the root adjective for referring to the land, culture or language of a group/tribe found in south-east Uganda
  • Machiko Soga, a Japanese voice actress
  • Soga (instrument), a percussion instrument
  • Soga (name), a Japanese name
  • Soga clan, a Japanese clan
  • Soga, Guinea-Bissau, an island in the Bissagos Islands
  • Sale of Goods Act legislation in the United Kingdom relating to the sale of goods.
  • Soga, Tanzania, a small town
  • Soga River (Сога), a tributary of the Sogozha River in Poshekhonye District, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia

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Sami National Anthem
... Sámi soga lávlla ("Song of the Sami People", lit ... Sámi soga lávlla has been translated into most of the Sámi languages ... Northern Sámi language "Sámi Soga Lávlla" Northern Sámi Sámi soga lávlla (mp3) Skolt Sámi language "Sää´msooǥǥ laull" Skolt Sää´msooǥǥ laull (mp3 ...
... is a historical text purported to have been written in 620 by Shōtoku Taishi and Soga no Umako ... During the Isshi Incident in 645, the residence of Soga no Emishi (a succssor of Soga no Umako) was burned down ... On the thirteenth day as Soga no Emishi was about to be killed, flames burned the Tennōki, Kokki, and treasures ...
Soga Station
... Soga station (蘇我駅, Soga-eki?) is a railway station in Chūō-ku, Chiba, Japan, operated by the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) and the Keiy ...
Soga No Koma
... Soga no Koma (蘇我 高麗?) was a member of the Soga clan, and Chief Minister of Japan (ōomi) ... He was the father of the powerful Soga no Iname (born approximately 506 AD), whose direct descendants controlled many Japanese emperors and brought ... His father was Soga no Karako (蘇我 韓子) ...
Shimo-Soga Station - History
... Shimo-Soga Station originated as a siding called the Shimo-Soga Signal Position (下曽我信号所) on May 1, 1911 ... This was upgraded to the Shimo-Soga Signal Ground (下曽我信号場) on April 17, 1922, and became Shimo-Soga Station n May 15, 1922 ...