Sociology Department

  • (noun): The academic department responsible for teaching and research in sociology.
    Synonyms: department of sociology

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Talcott Parsons - Biography - Instructor At Harvard Department of Economics, 1927
... Amherst (1926–27), Parsons entered Harvard as an instructor in the Department of Economics, where he followed F.W ... at odds with some of the trends in Harvard's Economics department which in those days went in a highly technical, mathematical direction, and Parsons looked ... However, Harvard was in these years working toward establishing a Sociology Department and Parsons positioned himself in various ways through writing and teaching ...
Everett Hughes - Academic Career
... where he, together with Carl Dawson, had the task to develop the sociology department at a time when it still was in its infancy ... In Canada Hughes is recognized as one of the central figures of early Canadian sociology (Helmes-Hayes 2000) ... of Chicago in 1938 and became a core figure at its sociology department (Abbott 1999) ...
Morris Janowitz - Biography
... he worked for the Library of Congress and the Justice Department's Special War Policies Unit ... Before completing his Ph.D in Sociology in 1948, he was hired as an instructor at the University of Chicago ... In 1951 Janowitz became a professor of sociology at the University of Michigan, where he taught until 1961 ...

Famous quotes containing the words department and/or sociology:

    The African race evidently are made to excel in that department which lies between the sensuousness and the intellectual—what we call the elegant arts. These require rich and abundant animal nature, such as they possess; and if ever they become highly civilised, they will excel in music, dancing and elocution.
    Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811–1896)

    Living in cities is an art, and we need the vocabulary of art, of style, to describe the peculiar relationship between man and material that exists in the continual creative play of urban living. The city as we imagine it, then, soft city of illusion, myth, aspiration, and nightmare, is as real, maybe more real, than the hard city one can locate on maps in statistics, in monographs on urban sociology and demography and architecture.
    Jonathan Raban (b. 1942)