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Education and Science

Saint Petersburg has long been a leading center of science and education in Russia.

  • Russian Academy of Sciences (1724)
  • Saint Petersburg State University (founded 1724)
  • Saint Petersburg Naval Academy (founded 18th century)
  • Imperial Academy of Arts (founded 1757)
  • Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet
  • Saint Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy (founded 1798)
  • Saint Petersburg Mining Institute (Горный институт) (founded 1773)
  • Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology (1828)
  • Pulkovo Observatory (1839)
  • Ivan Pavlov's Medical Academy and research center. (founded 1880s)
  • Saint Petersburg Conservatory (1862)
  • Alexander Military Law Academy (founded 1867)
  • Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (1886)
  • Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University (1899)
  • State Marine Technical University (Корабелка) (1899)
  • Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (1900)
  • Saint Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics (1906)
  • St. Petersburg State Medical Academy (1907)
  • Saint Petersburg State Technical University of Telecommunications
  • Saint Petersburg Pharmaceutical Academy
  • Saint Petersburg Academy of Pediatrics and Maternity (founded 1900)
  • Saint Petersburg Theatre Academy (former Tenishev's College) (1899)
  • Saint Petersburg Academy of Film and Television
  • Russian State University of Pedagogy (Herzen University) (1797)
  • St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (1918)
  • Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (Финэк) (1930)
  • Baltic State Technical University ("ВОЕНМЕХ") (1932)
  • St. Petersburg Aerospace University (Mozhaysky University)
  • Smolny College (1999)

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