Snitch may refer to:

  • Informant
  • Whistleblower
  • "Snitch", a song by Obie Trice
  • Snitch Newsweekly, a United States newspaper centered on reporting crime
  • Monument Ave. or Snitch, a 1998 thriller film
  • Snitch (film), an upcoming film

Other articles related to "snitch":

Positions in Muggle Quidditch
... Seekers attempt to catch the snitch ... Though the snitch leaves the pitch at the start of the game and often does not return until a predetermined period has passed, seekers are able to search for the snitch off the pitch throughout the ...
A Snitch In Time - Production Notes
... A Snitch in Time has been consistently ranked as the most violent Stooge film of the Shemp era ... in which all three Stooges receive their fair share of abuse, most of the violence in A Snitch in Time is directed at Moe ... known for the usage of excessive violence in his films, A Snitch in Time was directed by Edward Bernds, who always maintained that the violence was not to be excessive in the films he ...
Muggle Quidditch - Equipment
... The game has 3 different balls in play, the quaffle, the three bludgers, and the snitch ... The Snitch The snitch is typically a gold sock with a tennis ball or racquet ball placed inside of it ... It must then be tucked into the back of a snitch runner's shorts, like a tail ...
New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot - Causes - Snitch Game
... officers used a form of social manipulation called the "snitch game" to control uncooperative prisoners ... Often, prisoners would choose to become a "snitch" to get away from their tormentors ...
Snitch Newsweekly
... Snitch was a free, alternative weekly newspaper published in parts of the United States covering crime and police news ... Snitch also ran numerous crime-themed articles in each issue, as well as advertisements and classifieds ... Snitch was started in Louisville, Kentucky and the Media Audit showed 211,000 readers as of January 2005 ...