Smokescreen may refer to:

  • Smoke screen, a weapons countermeasure
  • Smokescreen (Transformers), a Transformers character
  • Security smoke, generated smoke specifically used as a security measure
  • Smokescreen (film), a 1964 British film
  • Palais Royale, a 1988 Canadian film released under the alternate titles Smokescreen or Smoke Screen
  • Smokescreen (Marvel Comics), a Marvel comics supervillain
  • Operation Smokescreen, a US interagency counterterrorist operation from 1995 to 2002 to disrupt fundraising by Hezbollah
  • The Smoke Screen (Yes, Prime Minister), an episode of Yes, Prime Minister
  • Fog display, an imaging technique

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Crosswise - Transformers: Cybertron
... Originally, this character was intended to be called Smokescreen in the U.S ... Network, the dialogue was edited to change all references of Smokescreen to Crosswise ... Slated for a fall release is a repaint of Crosswise named Smokescreen, sharing the Generation 1 character's deco ...
Smokescreen (Transformers) - Transformers
... Smokescreen Smokescreen toy Autobot Information Sub-group Deluxe Vehicles, Fast Action Battlers, Legends Rank 7.5 Alternate Modes Cybertronian car, Pontiac ...
Smokescreen (Transformers) - Transformers: Prime - Toys
... Prime Arms Micron AM-26 Deluxe Smokescreen (2012) A Takara Tomy Japan-exclusive white remold of Deluxe Knock Out with a different head sculpt and a Micron figure that transforms into his bow ... Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion Smokescreen w/ Chain Bolter Prime Beast Hunters Sky Claw w/ Smokescreen Transformers beast hunters legion smokescreen yellow and blue ...
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... Armada Smokescreen with Liftor (2002) A Deluxe class toy ... Armada Mcdonalds Smokescreen (2002) Combines with the other McDonalds Armada Autobots ... Armada Built to Rule Smokescreen with Liftor (2003) Universe Smokescreen with Liftor (2004) Armada Smokescreen was repainted blue for Universe and released as part of ...

Famous quotes containing the word smokescreen:

    Like many another romance, the romance of the family turns sour when the money runs out. If we really cared about families, we would not let “born again” patriarchs send up moral abstractions as a smokescreen for the scandal of American family economics.
    Letty Cottin Pogrebin (20th century)