SLV may refer to:

  • El Salvador
  • IATA code for Shimla Airport, India
  • Slovenian language
  • Satellite Launch Vehicle, an Indian space launcher
  • State Library of Victoria
  • Civil Aviation Administration Denmark (Statens Luftfartsv├Žsen)
  • iShares Silver Trust, a silver exchange-traded product with the New York Stock Exchange symbol SLV
  • Site de Lancement VEGA, new name for the ELV-1 launch pad on Guiana Space Center (GSC)
  • Small Launch Vehicle, a DARPA space launcher design
  • Schall- und Laserverordnung, Swiss regulation on the protection of health effects of noise and laser beams at public events

Other articles related to "slv":

Silvestri Camera - The History - SLV and T30
... The first camera, the SLV, was born with the 6X7 / 6X9 format, with a rotating back with click stop each 90 degrees and the lens, a Super Angulon 5,6/47 mm in focusing helical mount by Schneider, was ... From a conceptual point of view the SLV camera allowed to shift in any direction by simply placing and levelling the back horizontally or vertically and by orienting the camera body ... was pushed to develop a new and improved model of SLV ...
Atlas SLV-3
... The Atlas SLV-3, or SLV-3 Atlas was an American expendable launch system derived from the SM-65 Atlas missile ... The Atlas SLV-3 was a stage and a half rocket, built as a standardised replacement for earlier Atlas launch systems, which had been derived from the various Atlas missiles ... The launch was conducted on 1 June 1966, and was the first flight of the Atlas SLV-3 as an independent vehicle ...
Aquacade (satellite) - Satellites
... Launch vehicle Launch site Longitude Remarks OPS 5346 1970-046A 19 June 1137 ... Atlas SLV-3A Agena-D CCAFS LC-13 OPS 6063 1973-013A 6 March 0930 ... Atlas SLV-3 ...
Atlas-Agena - Variants
1965-03-21 2 ... Atlas LV-3 Agena-D 1963-07-12 1965-07-20 0 ... Atlas SLV-3 Agena-D 1964-08-14 1967-11-05 1 ... Atlas SLV-3B Agena-D 1966-04-08 0 ... Atlas SLV-3 Agena-B 1966-06-07 0. 0 ...