The terms Slovene or Slovenian may refer to:

  • The Slovene language, a South Slavic language mainly spoken in Slovenia
  • Slovenes, an ethno-linguistic group mainly living in Slovenia
  • Slovenia, a country in Central Europe

The term Slovene may also refer to:

  • Slavic peoples, an Indo-European ethno-linguistic group
  • Ilmen Slavs, the northernmost tribe of the Early East Slavs

Other articles related to "slovene":

Strmol Mansion
... Strmol Mansion (Slovene Dvorec Strmol) is a 15th-century manorhouse located on a low hill above the old town center of Rogatec, Slovenia ... It is notable as one of the few castles in Slovenia to have retained a Slovene name throughout its history ... it was inherited by Marija Izabela Petazzi (Slovene Petač), who leased it to the von der Durr und Egkh family for several decades ...
Ljubljanski Zvon - Importance
... Many of the most important Slovene authors of the period published their works in the journal, including Dragotin Kette, Josip Murn, Ivan Cankar and Alojz Gradnik ... also articles in the field of humanities and social sciences, both from Slovene and non-Slovene authors ...
Slovene Months
... The standard modern names of Slovene months are derived from Latin names, as in most European languages ... There is also a standardized set of archaic Slovene month names ...
Laibacher Zeitung
... Illyrisches Blatt was the center of Slovene cultural creativity ... Its contributors were the Slovene national poet France Prešeren and other influential Slovene intellectuals such as Matija Čop, Miha Kastelic, Franc Malavašič, and Janez Bleiweis ... After the establishment of the Slovene-language newspaper Kmetijske in rokodelske novice in 1842, the influence of the Laibacher Zeitung declined because it gradually ...
Ljubljanski Zvon - The Split Over Yugoslav Nation Building
... the specific national and cultural identity of the Slovene people ... founding of the magazine by adding a new subtitle Slovenska revija (Slovene magazine) ... and the literary critic Josip Vidmar on the issue of Slovene identity ...