Slim may also refer to:

  • AIDS, often called "slim", especially in Africa, because of the wasting it produces in untreated victims
  • Slim, a 1934 novel by William Wister Haines
  • Slim Jim (snack food)
  • Slim Bankshot, the 13th ghost that Luigi encounters in Luigi's Mansion
  • Slim, the Pixl from Super Paper Mario

SLIM may refer to:

  • SLIM, internet provider from KPN
  • SLIM as the communication coordinator of a political party

Other articles related to "slim":

Lynwood Slim - Biography
... Slim started playing the trumpet at age 12, and the harmonica when he was 15 ... Slim moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1988, returned to Los Angeles later that same year ... Slim is currently signed to Delta Groove, an independent record label based in Van Nuys, California ...
Lynwood Slim
... Lynwood Slim (born Richard Dennis Duran, August 19, 1953, Los Angeles, California) is an American blues harmonica player and singer ... Slim is best known as a singer in the style of smooth easy jazz/blues as well as his harmonica and flute playing ...
Slim Twig - Critical Reception
... Slim Twig has received considerable press coverage (in print and on the internet), which has been both effusively positive and occasionally dismissive ... than the sum of its parts..." In various articles about Slim Twig, well-known popular music artists have been mentioned for comparison purposes, notably including Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Suicide and ... In a concert review, music columnist Sarah Liss suggested that Slim Twig's music sounds like “...what might happen if you left a bunch of Elvis Presley LPs on a radiator ...
Slim Twig - Video
... Slim Twig Altered Ego - 2012, dir ... Slim Twig Notorious Bride (A Veil A Vice) - 2011, dir ... Dona Arbabzadeh Slim Twig Tropics Enuff Film - 2007, dir ...
Slim, Perak - Notable Attractions
... Sungai Bil waterfall Villages surrounded Slim Village are Kampung Sungai Jurong, Kampung Sungai Gesa, Kg Masjid, Kg Lintah, Kg Sawa, Kg Piong, Kg Penderas, and ...

Famous quotes containing the word slim:

    This girl borrowed no dim light of a star
    Nor ever night held her in a dark mesh,
    A slim bloom she stood of the first larkspur,
    A wind of spring fluttered in her white flesh.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    Photographs may be more memorable than moving images because they are a neat slice of time, not a flow. Television is a stream of underselected images, each of which cancels its predecessor. Each still photograph is a privileged moment, turned into a slim object that one can keep and look at again.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)

    With its frame of shaking curls all in disarray,
    earrings swinging,
    make-up smudged by beads of sweat,
    eyes languid at the end of lovemaking,
    may the face of the slim girl
    who’s riding on top of you
    protect you long.
    What’s the use
    of Vi.s».n»u, iva, Skanda,
    and all those other gods?
    Amaru (c. seventh century A.D.)