Sligo Borough (UK Parliament Constituency) - Members of Parliament

Members of Parliament

Election Member Party Note
1801, January 1 Owen Wynne Tory Resigned (appointed Escheator of Munster)
1806, July 16 Col. George Canning Tory A cousin of the Rt Hon. George Canning
1812, November 5 Rt Hon George Canning Tory 1812: Also returned by and elected to sit for Liverpool.
Subsequently Prime Minister 1827.
1813, April 5 Joshua Spencer Resigned (appointed Escheator of Munster)
1815, March 27 Sir Brent Spencer
1818, June 29 John Bent Tory
1820, March 21 Owen Wynne Tory
1830, August 4 John Arthur Wynne Tory
1832, December 21 John Martin Liberal 1
1837, August 5 John Patrick Somers Liberal 1 Re-elected as a Repeal Association candidate
1841, July 9 Repeal Association Unseated on petition - new writ issued
1848, April 11 Charles Towneley Liberal 1 Unseated on petition - new writ issued
1848, July 15 John Patrick Somers Repeal Association
1852, July 15 Charles Towneley Liberal 1 Joined the Independent Irish Party
1852 Independent Irish Unseated on petition - new writ issued
1853, July 8 John Sadleir Liberal 1 Died
1856, March 8 Rt Hon. John Arthur Wynne Conservative
1857, April 2 John Patrick Somers Liberal 1 Unseated on petition
1857, July 31 Rt Hon. John Arthur Wynne Conservative Declared duly elected on petition. Resigned
1860, August 9 Francis Macdonogh Conservative
1865, July 15 Richard Armstrong Liberal
1868, November 20 Lawrence Edward Knox Conservative Last MP for the constituency. Election declared void on petition.
1870, August 1 constituency disenfranchised

Supplemental Note:-

  • 1 Walker (like F. W. S. Craig in his compilations of election results for Great Britain) classifies Whig, Radical and similar candidates as Liberals from 1832. The name Liberal was gradually adopted as a description for the Whigs and politicians allied with them, before the formal creation of the Liberal Party shortly after the 1859 general election.

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