Siva may refer to:

  • Shiva, a major Hindu god
  • 1170 Siva, asteroid named after the Hindu god
  • Siva (rural locality), name of several rural localities in Russia
In science
  • Siva (protein), a pro-apoptotic signaling protein
  • Siva, the monotypic bird genus containing the Blue-winged Siva
  • Siva (rebreather), an oxygen rebreather, made by Carleton Life Support
  • Siva (1989 Tamil film), a Tamil film starring Rajinikanth released in 1989
  • A fictional character from The Tribe (TV series), played by Monique Cassie
  • Siva Kaneswaran, member of boy band The Wanted
  • "Siva" (song), by The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Siva Samoa, type of Samoan dance often performed at weddings

  • SIVA SF or Industrial Development Corporation of Norway
  • Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, part of Fudan University in China
  • Simplified Individual Voluntary Arrangement, pending UK insolvency process
  • SIVA, 21st century marketing approach entailing "Solution, Information, Value, and Access"
  • Peyton Siva (born 1990), American basketball player
  • Siva (director), an Indian cinematographer and director

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Siva (rebreather)
... Siva is a model series of frogman's rebreather made by Carleton Life Support originally made by Fullerton Sherwood Engineering Ltd ... They are Siva S10 oxygen rebreather, dive duration 4 hours ... Siva S24, usable as oxygen rebreather, or as a semi-closed circuit mixed gas rebreather with maximum depth normally 24 meters, can be set to 55 meters ...
Akku (film) - Plot
... Siva (Ajay) is an IT professional and an orphan who falls in love with Bhanu (Sriji) a chirpy girl whose brother a long haired bearded guy (Rakshai) is a big time terrorist (!!) who is planning to bomb Chennai ... maker things of a unique way of taking revenge on Siva and also putting his plans to bomb the city ... He plants a shoe bomb on Siva and dumps him in the city center and asks him to start running and if he slows down it will explode killing all the people near ...
Siva Manasula Sakthi - Plot
... The main protagonists Siva (Jiiva) and Sakthi (Anuya) meet on a train from Coimbatore and strike up a friendship ... Siva introduces himself as an army officer and Sakthi as an air hostess ... The two part ways on arrival in Chennai, but Siva promises to meet her soon ...
Siva River
... Siva River (Russian Сива) is a river in Udmurt Republic and Perm Krai in Russia, a right tributary of the Kama River ... The Siva freezes up in the second half of October and remains icebound until April ...