• (adj): Made easy or uncomplicated.
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List Of The Deer And The Cauldron Characters - Kingdom of Tungning
... Koxinga (traditional Chinese 國姓爺 simplified Chinese 国姓爷 Mandarin Pinyin Guóxìngyé Jyutping Gwok3-sing3-je4), also known as Zheng Chenggong (traditional Chinese ... Zheng Jing (traditional Chinese 鄭經 simplified Chinese 郑经 Mandarin Pinyin Zhèng Jīng Jyutping Zeng6 Ging1) is Koxinga's son and the ruler of the Kingdom of Tungning ... Zheng Keshuang (traditional Chinese 鄭克塽 simplified Chinese 郑克塽 Mandarin Pinyin Zhèng Kèshuǎng Jyutping Zeng6 Hak1-song2) is Zheng Jing's son and the heir to his ...
List Of The Return Of The Condor Heroes Characters - Shaolin Sect
... See also Shaolin Sect Jueyuan (traditional Chinese 覺遠 simplified Chinese 觉远 Mandarin Pinyin Juéyuǎn Jyutping Gok3-jyun5) is the librarian ... Zhang Junbao (traditional Chinese 張君寶 simplified Chinese 张君宝 Mandarin Pinyin Zhāng Jūnbǎo Jyutping Zoeng1 Gwan1-bou2) is Jueyuan's apprentice ... He renames himself Zhang Sanfeng (traditional Chinese 張三豐 simplified Chinese 张三丰 Mandarin Pinyin Zhāng Sānfēng Jyutping Zoeng1 Saam1-fung1) later and founds the ...
List Of The Deer And The Cauldron Characters - Miscellaneous Characters
... The Shunzhi Emperor (traditional Chinese 順治皇帝 simplified Chinese 顺治皇帝 Mandarin Pinyin Shùnzhì Huángdì Jyutping Seon6-zi6 Wong4-dai3) was the former ruler of the Qing Empire ... on Mount Wutai and has adopted a new name, Xingchi (traditional Chinese 行癡 simplified Chinese 行痴 Mandarin Pinyin Xíngchī Jyutping Hang4-ci1) ... Xingdian (traditional Chinese 行癲 simplified Chinese 行癫 Mandarin Pinyin Xíngdiān Jyutping Hang4-din1) is Xingchi's junior ...
List Of The Deer And The Cauldron Characters - Russian Empire
... Sophia (traditional Chinese 蘇菲亞 simplified Chinese 苏菲亚 pinyin Sūfēiyǎ) is a half sister of Peter I ... Chinese 阿萊克修斯‧米海洛維支 simplified Chinese 阿莱克修斯‧米海洛维支 pinyin Āláikèxīusī Míhǎiluòwéizhī) is Sophia's father ... Natalia (traditional Chinese 娜達麗亞 simplified Chinese 娜达丽亚 pinyin Nàdálìyǎ) is the dowager tsarina of Russia ...
Logarithmic Decrement - Simplified Variation
... ratio can also be found using a slightly simplified variation on these equations for two adjacent peaks ... This method is identical to the above, but simplified for the case of n equal to 1 where x0 is the left peak and x1 is the first peak to its right ...

More definitions of "simplified":

  • (adj): Reduced in complexity.
    Example: "A useful if somewhat simplified classification system"

Famous quotes containing the word simplified:

    I have simplified my politics into an utter detestation of all existing governments; and, as it is the shortest and most agreeable and summary feeling imaginable, the first moment of an universal republic would convert me into an advocate for single and uncontradicted despotism. The fact is, riches are power, and poverty is slavery all over the earth, and one sort of establishment is no better, nor worse, for a people than another.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)