Simone may refer to:

  • S1m0ne, a 2002 science fiction drama film
  • Simone (actress), the stage name of Lisa Celeste Stroud, daughter of Nina Simone
  • Simone (character), a fictional character in the ABC Family show The Nine Lives of Chloe King
  • Simone (given name), a feminine (or masculine, in Italian) given name of Hebrew origin
  • Simone (surname), a surname
  • Simone (singer), a Danish singer
  • Simone Bittencourt de Oliveira, a Brazilian singer and performer
  • Tropical Storm Simone (disambiguation), two tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean

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Simone Gbagbo - Political Activity Since 2008
... The crisis ended with the arrest of Laurent and Simone Gbagbo by pro-Ouattara forces on 11 April 2011 ... Simone Gbagbo was subsequently held under house arrest ... On 22 November 2012, a warrant was unsealed by the International Criminal Court for Simone Gbagbo's arrest for crimes against humanity ...
La Passion De Simone
... La Passion de Simone is an oratorio composed by Kaija Saariaho to a libretto in French by Amin Maalouf with staging by Peter Sellars ... in 15 stations", centers on the life and writings of Simone Weil and was conceived in the Passion Play tradition with episodes in her life linked to the Stations of the Cross ...
Louise Manoogian Simone
... Louise Manoogian Simone (born May 19, 1933) is an Armenian American philanthropist ... Louise Manoogian married Arman Simone and lives in Manhattan ... In 1962 her parents established the Louise Manoogian Simone Foundation, which was later renamed the Manoogian Simone Foundation ...
List Of Pushing Daisies Characters - Recurring Characters - Simone Hundin
... Simone Hundin (Christine Adams) is a dog breeder whose husband was murdered in "Bitches" ... Simone gets angry, and tells him off (and indirectly solves the case) ... Impressed on how she had opened up, Emerson apologized to Simone, and the two of them got back together ...
La Passion De Simone - Performance History
... La Passion de Simone was commissioned jointly by the New Crowned Hope festival in Vienna, the Barbican Centre, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the Lincoln ... Malkki the Arnold Schoenberg Chor conducted by Erwin Ortner Finnish soprano Pia Freund as Simone Weil Michael Schumacher as the silent dancer, and Dominque Blanc as the narrator ... Dawn Upshaw, for whom the role of Simone was originally written, performed in both the London and New York premieres ...