Silent Football - Initiating Play

Initiating Play

When the Commissioner is ready to begin the game the Commissioner simply says, "Customary Tip of the Hat," after which everyone repeats "Customary Tip of the Hat" and tips their (imaginary) hats. Another variation is "Hats off," after which all players remove imaginary hats and place them in the center of the circle.

Then, the Commissioner may take the "Customary Shroop," after which everyone repeats "Customary Shroop" and takes an imaginary drink from an imaginary, or real if circumstance permits, drinking vessel. Beverages and snacks can exist within the circle; this helps keep games going for hours.

The Commissioner can then add any more customary phrases she/he desires, and the group should repeat them as appropriate. When the Commissioner feels enough customary phrases have been spoken, the Commissioner Fwaps or Zooms the ball to someone, beginning the Sacred Silent Football motion.

Additionally, the words "The rules are in effect, the ball is now in play" or "Let's play ball" or "The universe is now a closed entity, free speech is now revoked" may be said before the ball is moved.

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