• (adv): In a statistically significant way.
    Example: "The two groups differed significantly"
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Some articles on significantly:

Site Of Community Importance
... the biogeographical region or regions to which it belongs, contributes significantly to the maintenance or restoration at a favourable conservation status of a natural habitat type ...
Active Hexose Correlated Compound
... The AHCC group showed a significantly higher number of total dendritic cells compared with baseline, a significantly higher number of DC1 cells compared with ...
Toxic Asset
... term for certain financial assets whose value has fallen significantly and for which there is no longer a functioning market, so that such assets cannot be sold at a price satisfactory to the holder ... Banks and other major financial institutions were unwilling to sell the assets at significantly reduced prices, since lower prices would force them to reduce significantly their stated assets, making them, at least ...
Scheffé's Method - Denoting Scheffé Significance in A Table
... Frequently, superscript letters are used to indicate which values are significantly different using the Scheffé method ... Values that are not significantly different based on the post-hoc Scheffé contrast will have the same superscript and values that are significantly different will ...
Samuel H. Wood - Education and Early Research
... He and his research team found this medication significantly reduced behavioral and physical symptoms during the luteal phase without suffering ... Furthermore, they found successful implantation rates were significantly higher for surrogates in both fresh and frozen embyro transfers ... Additionally, surrogates showed a significantly higher pregnancy rate following frozen embryo transfers than their non-surrogate counterparts ...

More definitions of "significantly":

  • (adv): In an important way or to an important degree.
    Synonyms: importantly
  • (adv): In a significant manner.
    Example: "Our budget will be significantly affected by these new cuts"