Signaling Pathways

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Consensus Path DB - Integrated Databases
... Reactome (metabolic and signaling pathways) KEGG (metabolic pathways only have been integrated in ConsensusPathDB) HumanCyc (metabolic pathways) PID - Pathway ...
Mechanisms - Epigenetic Control of Cellular Differentiation - Role of Signaling in Epigenetic Control
... A final question to ask concerns the role of cell signaling in influencing the epigenetic processes governing differentiation ... exist, as it would be reasonable to think that extrinsic signaling can lead to epigenetic remodeling, just as it can lead to changes in gene expression through the activation or repression ... differentiated progeny, and then turn to one example of specific signaling pathways in which more direct evidence exists for its role in epigenetic change ...
Formyl Peptide Receptor - Signaling Pathways
... Important FPR regulated pathways include G protein dependent activation of phospholipase C (PLC) which results in the breakdown of the membrane constituent ... overal result of the process is increased cytoplasmic Ca2+ levels via the direct pathway described above and also via indirect pathways such as opening of Ca2+ channels in the cell membrane ...
Caulobacter Crescentus - Cell Cycle
... Several additional cell signaling pathways are also essential to the proper functioning of this cell cycle engine ... The principal role of these signaling pathways is to ensure reliable production and elimination of the CtrA protein from the cell at just the right times in ... Multiple additional regulatory pathways integral to cell cycle regulation and involving both phospho signaling pathways and regulated control of protein proteolysis act to assure that ...
Unicellular and Multicellular Organism Cell Signaling - Signaling Pathways
... set of cell changes induced by receptor activation is called a signal transduction mechanism or pathway ... In the case of Notch-mediated signaling, the signal transduction mechanism can be relatively simple ... Cell signaling research involves studying the spatial and temporal dynamics of both receptors and the components of signaling pathways that are ...

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