Sightings of Madeleine Mc Cann - Portugal - 3 May 2007

3 May 2007

The last known photograph of Madeleine, as supplied by the family, was taken at 14:29 on 3 May, and showed her sitting by the pool with her father, Gerry, and her sister, Amelie.

The first possible sighting was around the time of the disappearance, just before it was reported. At around 21:15 on 3 May, Jane Tanner, who was travelling with the McCanns, noticed a man walking quickly along Rua Dr Agostinho da Silva in Praia da Luz, the road the McCanns' holiday apartment was on. She said he was carrying a child who was wearing white or light-coloured pink pyjamas with a floral pattern, and cuffs on the pyjama bottoms. The child, whose feet were bare, was lying horizontally in the man's arms. In January 2008 the McCanns released an image of a long-haired man that a tourist, Gail Cooper, said had acted suspiciously in April 2007 near her apartment, 600 yards (550 m) from that of the McCanns. He was said by Tanner to have a "strong resemblance" to the man she had seen.

Kate McCann discovered Madeleine was missing around 22:00 and raised the alarm. At around that time, an Irish family saw a man carrying a young girl on Rua da Escola Primária, Praia da Luz. They described her as four years old, wearing light-coloured pyjamas, with blonde hair and pale skin. Their description of the man matched that of Tanner's. They said he was mid-30s, 1.75–1.8 m in height, with a slim-to-normal build, short brown hair, wearing cream or beige trousers.

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