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... software emulation of the MOS6581 SID (Sound Interface Device) ... This chip was used in the Commodore 64 computer ... reSID is a C++ library containing a complete emulation of the SID chip ...
Commodore 64 Music - Hardware Reimplementations - Hardware Implementations Using The SID Chip
... electronic musical instrument utilizing the SID chip as its synthesis engine was released ... It is called the SidStation, built around the 6581 model SID chip (as opposed to the newer 8580), and it's produced by Swedish company Elektron ... As the SID chip had been discontinued for years, Elektron allegedly bought up almost all of the remaining stock ...
Sid Station - Sound of The SidStation
... The SID chip is well known for being noisy ... It's this flaw, however, that is part of the character and sound of the SID chip ... Elektron designed a circuit using the SID chip with gated and well shielded analog signals this separated them better from each other (as well as from digital noise) and greatly reduced some of the artifacts ...

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